Roasted Beans and Legumes

corporate health & wellbeing fibre gut health hangry recipe snacks workplace wellbeing Mar 15, 2024

We love roasted chickpeas and fava beans, so we thought we’d make our own!
We chose these Mingle flavours as there are no unrecognisable ingredients… just lots of delicious flavour combos! The best part…Making your own roasted beans is a cost-effective and super quick way to ensure you always have a healthy, high-protein, high-fibre snack on hand.
They are also much lower in sodium (aka salt 🧂) than the shop-bought varieties… so better for your heart health too!

These roasted beans and legumes are so easy, that no recipe is needed.

It is as simple as rinsing and draining your chosen canned legumes, drizzling with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and shaking your favourite Mingle! Roast for 30-40mins at 180C (keep an eye on them as ovens vary).

Please, please let us know if you discover any other awesome flavour combos.