FREE Hunger Scale Template

Keen to eat more mindfully?

This scale can be particularly useful if you often eat past 80% fullness or find yourself eating when you’re not actually hungry at all.

Remember: Eating mindfully is a life long practice. It doesn't have to be perfect every time.

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FREE Feeding Your Family on a Budget EBook

The health of our family shouldn't suffer for the cost of living! To help out, our team of Dietitians have created a Weekly Meal Plan. You can use it to help meal plan & prep whilst sticking to your budget!

If you need help implementing a healthy eating plan, please book in with one of our expert dietitians for a consultation via the website:

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30 Plants in 7 Days

One of the largest International gut microbiota studies recently found that individuals who ate 30 different plant foods a week had more diverse populations of microbes living in their intestine. And we know that when it comes to gut health, diversity is a good thing! We show you how with a list of plants and portions to include.


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A Busy Persons Guide To Staying Healthy

Staying healthy when you are busy is a challenge faced by us all. Download our e-book for simple tips and tricks to stay on track with your eating and exercise, no matter where you are and what you are faced with. This highly sought-after guide provides models that are easy to follow at home or when you are eating out.


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Plan B Meal Guide

Sometimes Plan A doesn't always go to plan, and that is OK! Rather than falling for the 'all or nothing' thinking trap, we show you some practical options as an alternative. Plan B meals are useful to support you along your health journey, when time, lifestyle factors or budget get in the way.

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Everyday Snacking Guide

Snacks can be the 'make or break' of any diet! Rather than heading to the vending machine or workplace kitchen cookie jar, we show you some practical options to fuel your body and brain for more energy and focus throughout the day, when it counts.

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