YoYo-Zempic. The Forgotten Facts

Season #1

In today's episode we dive into the HOT and emotive topic of weight management, to learn how “food noise” and drugs like Ozempic are adding to the yo-yo effects many people experience when it comes to balancing a healthy weight.

With close to half of the world’s population expected to be overweight or obese by 2030 (World Obesity Federation), demand for weight loss solutions is surging and I thought it was an important topic to discuss further after we touched on the issue in our previous episode with Be Fit Food Founder and Dietitian, Kate Save. If you missed that episode, be sure to save it to your podcast platform to catch-up on it later.

In this podcast, I’ll give you my thoughts on 3 key reflections I identified after my discussion with Kate.

  1. The first relates to a potential relationship that may exist between yoyo dieting and the current intermittent supply issues surrounding GLP-1 Medications (that’s the magic ingredient in Ozempic that everyone’s talking about).

  2. The second reflection was the need to broaden the lens and shift the focus from a weight focus to a health focus.

  3. And thirdly, I reflected on the impact of all of this in the workplace and how we need to shape the workplace environment to be one of weight inclusivity and support.

At the end of the day, we are fortunate to live in an age of research and rapid medical advancements. Trials on Semaglutide are ongoing and the results are promising for its positive effect on health, including inflammation reduction in the body, impact on heart attack and stroke risk and other emerging health conditions.

We’ll watch this frenzied space with intrigue and in the meantime, support you to change the conversation in your workplace to be more body inclusive and supportive of those using the weight-loss medications for better health outcomes.

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