Workplace Wellbeing at SnapChat with MD Tony Keusgen

Season #1

In today's episode, we have the great pleasure of speaking with Tony Keusgen, MD at Snap Australia & New Zealand.

Tony shares insights into how Snapchat are meeting the challenge of supporting employee health, head on. They are not only working to support the physical wellbeing of their staff but their mental wellbeing too, through innovative solutions, including those focussed on nutrition, I know you will be keen to learn more about.

Tony tells us how SNAP’s unique approach to building a sense of community across different areas of the business has been key in helping to bring staff back into the office.

Tony shares not only his experience within the organisation but how he manages his own wellbeing on a personal level.

Jump in and take a listen! If you are enjoying listening, we'd love for you to leave us a review, and comment on any future guests you would like to hear from.

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