3 tips for thriving through the holidays

Dec 21, 2022

Whether it’s celebrating with friends over a Christmas barbie or sharing an elaborate Christmas spread with a perfectly glazed ham with family, there is nothing quite like the smells of Christmas to excite our taste buds. 

Food is a huge part of our lives and culture, and Christmas meals deserve to be loved without fear or guilt!

Try our three top tips to breeze through the holiday period guilt free:

  1. Give yourself permission to enjoy what you love! Eat slowly and mindfully, savouring every mouthful of the food you choose, whatever it is. You might be surprised how much better you manage your portions!
  2. Keep your healthy habits going - continue to enjoy some movement and your usual lifestyle as much as you can (this may look like an early walk on Christmas morning and a healthy breakfast, to make sure that you don’t arrive at lunch or dinner ravenous).
  3. Ditch the tracking apps! You could be busy tracking macros, but your app can’t track the satisfaction of the laughter around the Christmas table. Lose the apps for a couple of days and you may find that you also lose the stress associated with the meals. 

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!

The Good Nutrition Co. Team X