Everyone loves tacos as they are an easy and fun way to feed family or friends. You can pretty much prepare all of the components ahead of time (fishcake mixture uncooked), the savoury yoghurt (probiotic) and the onion, chilli and mango salsa (prebiotic). They are light and great for your gut!

The fish cakes only take 5 minutes to cook when everyone is ready to eat. They can be reheated the next day or even frozen, if the fish has been bought fresh.

I used ling fish fillets but any boneless white fish would be OK.

I also used extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) to shallow fry the fish cakes as you can cook with EVOO up to 200C. It also has less ‘polar compounds’ and trans fats that most vegetable oils.

I used plain Greek yoghurt as my fermented food addition to these tacos and also added extra veggies - Lebanese cucumbers, rocket leaves, capsicum and avocado.

Makes 12 fish tacos



450g boneless, skinless white fish fillets cut into 3cm chunks

1 garlic clove

1 large egg

2 teaspoons cumin seeds, toasted and crushed (Only 1 teaspoon will be used for fish mix)

4 limes, zested and then cut into wedges to serve (3 will be used for fish mix)

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 small handful of coriander leaves, finely chopped (extra leaves for serving)



120g (1/3 cup) Plain Greek Yoghurt

40g (1/2) red onion, finely sliced

1 teaspoon of the remaining toasted and crushed cumin seeds

Zest of 1 lime

Pinch salt


1 mango peeled and julienned

1 red chilli, deseeded and julienned

1 red onion, finely sliced


Chop additional vegetables such as Lebanese cucumber, avocado and red capsicum. Serve on a plate with rocket leaves.

12 wholemeal soft tortillas (warmed)

Lime wedges

Extra coriander


  1. Blitz fish, garlic, egg, 1 teaspoon of crushed cumin seeds, zest of 3 limes and 1/2 teaspoon salt in a food processor to form a rough paste.

  2. Transfer to a medium mixing bowl and add 1 handful of chopped coriander and mix.

  3. Form into 12 round fishcakes, approx. 45g each.

  4. Refrigerate for 15 minutes (or up to a day ahead) to firm up.

  5. Put the yoghurt, remaining 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, zest from 1 lime and a pinch of salt into a small bowl. Mix and set-aside.

  6. In a separate mixing bowl, combine onion, mango and chilli and set-aside to infuse.

  7. When ready to eat, heat EVOO in a large non-stick frying pan to a medium heat. Add fish cakes in batches, frying for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown and cooked through. Transfer to a paper-lined plate.

  8. Warm tacos briefly (2-3 mins) in a medium oven 180C.

  9. Serve together with a dollop of yoghurt and mango mix. Add additional salad veggies as preferred, coriander and a squeeze of lime.

This recipe has been adapted from Ottolenghi and is perfect now that mangoes are in season in Australia.