By Nicole Dynan(APD/ASD)

If you love ‘bubbles’ but are concerned about ‘the fizz’, you can relax in the knowledge that sparkling waters are not as bad for you as you think.  Contrary to popular belief, sodium levels of most sparkling waters such as mineral water and soda water are well within limits based on recommendations for sodium of < 120mg / 100ml. Most brands in Australia have less than 10mg sodium per 100ml.

Here are some of the most popular ones reviewed:

Brand                                        Sodium / 100ml

Perrier                                                <1mg

San Pellegrino                                     3mg

Schweppes – natural sparkling         7mg

Acqua Panna                                       0mg*

Kirks                                                      5mg

Evian                                                    <1mg

Mount Franklin                                     5mg

Coles                                                     4mg

Aldi                                                        5mg

What do we think?

Drink up!  If you find plain water boring, sparkling can help to contribute to meeting your 8 glasses per day.


 * Images of Acqua Panna on their website suggest that this product is sodium free.

 ** People often use ‘salt’ interchangeably with ‘sodium’. But salt (or sodium chloride) is only 40 percent sodium. It is actually mostly chloride (60%).  The recommended consumption of sodium per day is 2,300 mg or approximately 1 teaspoon or 6 grams of salt. This is based on an average healthy adult, and those with cardiovascular diseases should consume less.